Langtang Trail Running

Langtang Trail Running thinking about to organize a run from Kyanzing Gumba to Syapurbesi. It’s about to charity run too. Every Kilometer you run that you will help to Nepalese people for Education, Hospital and others.

Your every help and support and updated in the websites.

Langtang is a narrow valley that lies just south of the Tibetan border. It is located between the main Himalayan ranges to the north and slightly lower range of snowy peaks to the south. This high and isolated region is inhabited by Tamangs whose religious believes and practices; language, traditions and dress are more alike with those of Tibetan people. According to the legend a lama following a runaway yak discovered the valley. So, the name “lang” is Tibetan for “yak” and “teng” (more correctly dhang) means “to follow”.

Much of this region falls into Lantang National Park (Nepal’s first Himalayan National park) and away from the larger settlements; you can enjoy seeing old-growth forest: rhododendron, oak, alder, pine and much more. Beautiful flowers such as the sky-blue gentians of alpine regions, primroses of moist areas, epiphytic orchids of wet forests which bloom during many times of the year will accompany you on your way. Langtang is rich in rare species of animals being the region where one hundred and sixty species of birds (cuckoos, owls, barbets, night jars, black-capped sibias, yellow-billed magpies – just few of them) and more than thirty species of mammals have been observed, including a very rare snow leopard, only a few dozen specimens of which survive in the entire Himalaya.



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